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Make Money by Reselling Digital Products on eBay

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Since you’re reading this we’re guessing you’re in need of some money. With this method you’re bound to generate a decent income, though we don’t recommend relying on it as your primary income before you reach a high demand and gain trust as a seller.

By following these simple and straightforward steps you ought to be selling in under 24 hours. Please follow each step carefully.

NOTE: We are NOT responsible for ANY of your actions. We do NOT condone scamming of ANY sort. Only YOU should have full responsible for any illegal methods and schemes.

What you will need:

– PayPal account (A verified account is recommended)
– eBay account (+positive rep is recommended)
– a minimum of $20 for investment (can be skipped but highly recommended)


Getting Started

Assuming you already have your PayPal and eBay account setup we can now
get started.

You should already have or build a positive seller reputation, this may attract more buyers and make it easier for you to sell more. If you’re struggling to get a positive reputation this can be obtained easily by buying cheap items from Chinese sellers. Basically buying $1 items, always make sure to pay instantly and most of the time they’re going to leave a positive rating instantly.

Having a seller reputation may play a huge role in it as well, the more positive rating you’ll get, the more eBay will allow you to sell at a time. New sellers are usually having a $5,000 monthly limit threshold, which is typically reached in no time. The more you sell the without having any problems with the customers the more they’re going to allow you to sell per month. After a short time they’re going to remove all of your limits. counting on how good of a seller you are .

Let’s start listing!

When you are ready to start listing your items, head to Kinguin (you can choose your favorite CD key store if you want). We would recommend starting off selling things like Windows 8 Pro. These sell extremely fast, the only downside is it’s not much of a profit. We would recommend you put it as a fixed listing between $35-55. The lower you list for the faster it will sell, but the profit margin will be lower. Make sure you don’t list too many products or eBay will remove them. You can also get suspended too which will not be good.

In your description you should say something like this. “This listing is for one copy of windows 8 pro, this is a download link and activation key only. ”You may add anything else you like but make sure you get your point across about the product being an activation key only and that they will not be receiving any physical copy or  retail box in the mail. You can list more than just windows products but it’s recommended that you wait until you have a higher rep before you start listing $100+ products.

There is more to listing than just software keys, Game keys is where its at! Kinguin offers great low prices on the hottest games available. Simply apply the same steps, but instead of listing windows products, pick out a popular game preferably 50% or more off, the better the discount the more profit! Try listing them a little lower than they normally cost to attract more buyers! you are most likely to sell your first item in under 24 hours. You will receive an email from eBay when this happens. If you have purchased your codes before listing which is recommended you can simply contact your buyer via personal email or through eBay with a download link to the software (which is provided to you when you purchase on the website) and his activation key. Hoping that everything goes well they will reward you with positive rep, which is much needed.

All you have to do is just rinse and repeat. You have sold your first item, Congratulations! After time goes by you can move on to much more profitable items, such as Adobe products. Come up with a profitable price to list them at, and keep building your reputation.

Happy selling!

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