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How to Easily Make Another $100 on Fiverr Sending a PDF File

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Hey everyone, in this quick method i will show you how you can make an additional $100+ per day doing nothing fancy but sending a PDF file to your clients. Imagine being able to send the work to the Fiverr buyer but giving them an additional PDF which may  boost your earnings to more than $100+ per day.

That’s what many of my students have been doing and it has been working for a very long time. What you’re going to be doing is affiliate marketing. Now I know this isn’t anything new but many Fiverr sellers forget to use this one simple tip which can potentially boost your earnings to more than $100 a day by sending a PDF.

To use the method, you’re going to need any of the following:

Clickbank account
JVZoo account

The method is quite simple. Whatever your gig niche is, you’re aiming to be sending the customer an affiliate link related to the niche. For example, if our niche is keyword research, you’re going to be delivering their work but before you hit send, you’re going to be going to Clickbank marketplace and do the following:

First you find products related to keyword research on Clickbank. Once you have found one,
proceed to copying your affiliate link (hoplink) and then head over to Microsoft Word
(or a free alternative). Once you are there, you are going to be writing a compelling sales copy persuading the Fiverr buyer to purchase the product. Here’s an example:

As you can see, the sales copy isn’t that long and has a call to action at the bottom. Now all you do is grab your affiliate link and attach a hyperlink to  the call to action. Once you do that, simply save the file as a PDF and the finished product should look a little something like this: That’s all! So when a Fiverr buyer purchases keyword research from you, all you are doing is deliver their work but also deliver the PDF along with your affiliate link.   Tell them to check it out and once an order has been made via your link, you’ll have commission in your CB account. Simply rinse and repeat and you’ll have an easily scalable $100+ a day CB + Fiverr method.

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